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Christina Fields, Videographer & Creator of SASV

I began filming weddings shortly after graduating from college in 2013. When some friends of mine got married after graduation, I experienced working as lead videographer on my very first wedding! It was magical! 

I enjoyed being a special part of the occasion and sharing in their joy. AND SASV was born!

       ❦                    ❦                    ❦                    ❦                    ❦                    ❦                    ❦                    ❦


SASV stands for Sword & Sword Visuals. This name has a double meaning for me. The first is based on my beliefs. As a Christian, I believe that God is my song and my sword. He is my strength, my confidence, as well as the reason I have joy! He gives my life purpose! This belief system is my moral compass and the standards by which I run my business. 


The second meaning is about YOU and I! The sword is my guarantee to always give my very best. To hone my craft, be sharp, flexible to change and attentive to your needs in order to deliver the very best product for you and your family. The song is YOUR story. Though I'm putting my best foot forward, it is still all about YOU.


I promise to make your day about you, your desires & your vision. At the end of the day this is your story and your life's song. I would be honored to be a small part of it! 


My Favorite Things


I'm a Foodie

My Family

(Self-proclaimed) Adrenaline Junkie


Hiking & Other Outdoor Activities

Photography & Videography

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